Farid Minawi فريد مناويHello and welcome to Physics Zone.

I am Farid Minawi, a physics educator and simulation developer.

I built Physics Zone in 2000. I wanted it to be a resourceful physics website for upper high school and undergraduate university students.

After a few years, I developed several simulations using Adobe Flash™ and the ActionScript language and published them on the site.

When Adobe Flash™ reached its end of support and was sunsetted and phased out of modern web browsers, I had to rebuild the simulations again from the ground up; this time using Adobe Animate™, the successor of Adobe Flash™ and the CreateJS framework (which is a suite of JavaScript modular libraries and tools that enable rich interactive content on open web technologies via HTML5), and I am still adding simulations to the site.

My approach, in general, is to guide the student to discover rather than receive, making the student taste physics, not just understand it and instill a love for the material.

You can contact me using the contact form here. Also, you can visit my personal blog here.

Thank you for visiting Physics Zone.