Welcome to Physics Zone, an educational website dedicated to providing valuable resources for high school and university students interested in physics.

Physics Zone was established in 2000 as a resourceful website for physics. Its primary focus was to provide a resourceful physics website for students at the high school and university levels. In 2007, it expanded its offerings to include physics simulations, becoming a platform that provided both educational content and interactive simulations for students. The simulations were initially developed using Adobe Flashâ„¢. It was created by Farid Minawi, an e-Learning developer, and physics educator.

As technology evolved and Adobe Flashâ„¢ became outdated, the simulations on the website were rebuilt using HTML5 and JavaScript, ensuring compatibility with modern web browsers and providing an enhanced interactive experience for students.

While Physics Zone began with an emphasis on physics simulations, it has now expanded its scope to include the development of mathematics simulations as well. By broadening the range of subjects covered, Physics Zone aims to support students’ learning across various scientific and mathematical disciplines.

The approach taken at Physics Zone is to encourage students to actively discover and explore concepts rather than passively receive information. By engaging with the simulations, students can develop a deep understanding and appreciation for the subject matter.

If you have any inquiries or feedback, please feel free to reach out through the provided contact form.

Thank you for visiting Physics Zone, where the focus is on developing engaging and educational simulations to enhance the learning experience for students.