Farid Minawi فريد مناويHello and welcome to Physics Zone.

I am Farid Minawi, a physics educator and simulation developer.

I built Physics Zone in 2000. I wanted it to be a resourceful physics website for upper high school and undergraduate university students.

After a few years, I posted several simulations of some physics experiments. The development environment I used at that time was Flash/ActionScript.

When Flash became obsolete and no longer supported by modern web browsers, I migrated to Adobe Animate/JavaScript environment, the successor of Flash/ActionScript. Since then, I have added several html5 canvas simulations, and I am still adding.

My approach, in general, is to guide the student to discover rather than receive, making the student taste physics, not just understand it and instill a love for the material.

You can contact me using the contact form here. Also, you can visit my personal blog here.

Thank you for visiting Physics Zone.