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Simulation Manual: Elastic Collision in One Dimension

Elastic Collision in One Dimension Simulation Manual

A complete manual for the elastic collision in one dimension simulation, with a mathematical explanation of the derivation of the expressions of the final velocities in terms of the masses and the initial velocities.

One-dimensional elastic collision simulation

Elastic Collision in One Dimension Simulation

Using this simulation, you can demonstrate the conservation laws in a one-dimensional elastic collision (The law of conservation of linear momentum and the law of conservation of kinetic energy).

Old simulations

An old simulation illustrating how to determine the speed of sound in air using an oscilloscope, a low frequency generator, a loudspeaker, and two microphones. Developed by Farid Minawi, physics-zone.com. محاكاة قديمة توضح كيفية تحديد سرعة الصوت في الهواء باستخدام راسم الذبذبات ومولد التردد المنخفض ومكبر الصوت وميكروفونين. من إعداد فريد مناوي، موقع، physics-zone.com

These simulations were made using the Adobe Flash/AcrtionScript. You can download them and run then in Windows.